Latvian churches

    Latvian churches are an integral part of our nation's cultural heritage. Since the arrival of Christianity in Latvian, any community development center has been a church, around which has grown and evolved on the spiritual life of society and each person's moral character. Church designers, architects, builders (stonecutters, carpenters, brushes and paint masters) have been based on Latvian people, and even those who come from elsewhere, and have remained in my life found a resting place Latvian Zemītis. No matter who gave money and how the property was land, but the important thing is that here was invested Latvian people work. Work that is cherished and preserved for future generations as an integral and invaluable cultural heritage. With this brief introduction I would like to draw your attention to the Latvian cultural monuments unforgivable critical condition who actually doomed to extinction because of their attitude towards the preservation and maintenance of the (would be more accurate to say - Failure to maintain) is equivalent Latvian cultural eradicate. A nation whose culture is destroyed, it is doomed to extinction, in addition, it is made in the same hands. I understand very well that there is a property right that is private, pusprivātu, local governments, public and non-public organizations in the legal affiliation, but not, however, forget that these monuments protected by the State and they have a national cultural monument status. Are you sure the State is so powerless that they can not interfere with our cultural values mismanagement and destruction of ??? Perhaps, however, remember that our popular culture does not begin to write "Riga" and end with the "Castle of Light". , The project is to find ways to create a visual, viewable material, even as car tourist route way, taking as a starting point in Riga, which can take one to two-day tour of some of the routes on which the waypoints are village churches to either as altruistic would such a project, its implementation needs the means, of course, now all do so purely by its own means, sēžos nappy and drive, I have created a couple of experimental visual photo magazines, tried to find a co-operation with publishers Star of Jana Seta, who initially showed interest but at the end of time, not considered to be commercially viable, we turn municipalities developed an estimate, but when they would have had as partners to invest a minimum of 200-400 Eu, once interest is lost, unfortunately, we can find and throw money and apsurdos meaningless, dubious , mysterious projects but, actually, it is appropriate to take no desire, as if already nice that the region is a good-looking, well maintained cultural and historical object, but when actually it needs to arm or jāpabalsta materials, then to do another course with 10-15-strong congregation can not maintain a place of worship, but also should have been here the real state and the religious denominations support, of course, that there are positive examples where churches are restored, but without the moneyed sponsors this is not possible, and in the saddest is the unique Parishes are doomed to extinction

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